Who are we?

Hello, my name is Norin and I am the founder of AEDs for Hope. We are a growing, non-profit organization focused on spreading awareness about the Automated External Defibrillators found in our community and that students and adults are well-educated in how to properly use them.

This initiative is something that I have desired to begin for years now, and something that I have been working on for over a year. As a board member of The Passion Committee for the American Heart Association, and a member of a family who has underwent many heart issues, I am proud to finally begin my project!

What do we do?

AEDs for Hope has been working with local communities to host lectures and guest speakers regarding the necessity of AEDs– how a little device and an informed user can potentially save a life. We also provide CPR classes to high school students and adults as well as CPR/AED certification in conjunction with the guidelines set by the American Heart Association. These are all provided free of charge due to our gracious sponsors.

Where are we based?

Our base of operations are currently in the Southern California area, with a focus within Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa.

Why is knowledge of CPR and AED important?

When I was seventh grade, my good friend neighbor, a mere seventh grader, passed away due to a cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to do CPR and there was no AED in the house, nor anywhere out of all the houses on the street– there was nothing we could do. For a very long time it stuck with me, and as soon as I started high school, I began to volunteer at the American Heart Association. It was with the encouragement of perhaps the most inspirational and passionate people that I have ever met that AEDs for Hope became a reality. I shared stories with countless others who shared my story and had gone through my experience. It made me realize how prevalent heart problems are within the community, and how little attention this alarming problem receives. I believe that students can take the initiative to become proactive in addressing these blatant oversights by learning how to perform basic CPR and operate nearby AEDs.