Norin Lavaee, Founder of AEDs for Hope


Krupa Prajapati, Communications

krupastaffI am a junior in high school and my main interests include linguistics and watching cheesy, predictable Bollywood movies. I have gotten interested in CPR certification and the American Heart Association after one of my friends shared her touching story of how her childhood friend passed away after his heart stopped. Ever since then I realized the importance of knowing CPR, and I love having the power to save a life through a simple certification CPR certification course.


Patrick Park

patrickstaffThe guy that makes the website using XHTML, Google, and a lot of praying. Primarily a robotics guy, but quite interested in how technology and medicine can be intertwined to cure the incurable.



We would like to acknowledge the following people for their tireless work into helping AEDs for Hope become what it is today:

Camera Kem, Woodbridge High School

Linda Mirshafiee

Eileen Hawley, AHA Operations Manager

Katrina Roseli, AHA Business Development Coordinator